Our story

We understand the challenges faced by creative professionals, especially in hybrid and remote work environments. That’s what inspired us to create Clay, a web-based solution that enables artists, modelers, and creative teams to deliver 3D assets faster and more efficiently than ever before.

At Clay, our mission is simple:

Save time and elevate creativity by making it easier to share, review, and provide feedback on art assets

With Clay’s collaborative 3D design tool, say goodbye to the days of tedious file exchanges and endless Zoom meetings. Instead, teams can seamlessly collaborate in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Our streamlined interface empowers artists and developers to focus less on setting up files for review and more on what they do best — crafting captivating characters and immersive worlds.

Whether you're designing characters for the latest AAA release, building mobile game experiences that reach millions, or crafting immersive environments for VR, Clay empowers you to unleash your creativity without having tedious file management and setup hold you back.

Join us on our journey to reshape the landscape of 3D design and collaboration. 

Experience the future of creative teamwork with Clay.

Our investors

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Our founders

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Phillippe Siclait

Phillippe, an early engineer at Airbnb, brings his passion for technology and art to the table. Endlessly fascinated by the intersection of art and engineering, Phillippe spent his days working at the forefront of complex machine learning challenges, while delving into 3D modeling and art in his spare time. His keen understanding of how to leverage technology in design underscores Clay's commitment to delivering intuitive solutions tailored to the needs of creative professionals. Phillippe earned his Bachelor of Sciences degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Sebastien Siclait

Sebastien experienced the pain of collaborating in 3D firsthand during his time in Technical Direction at Disney Animation when the pandemic forced the studio to go remote. Traditional methods of sharing and reviewing 3D art assets became cumbersome, often relying on makeshift solutions like Zoom and annotated screenshots. This inspired Sebastien to seek a better way —a platform that streamlined the collaboration process without adding more dreaded steps to the workflow. Sebastien earned his Bachelors in Computer Science focused on Creative Technology from Columbia University.