Clay is a faster way to review 3D models

Organize, share, and review all your 3D models in one collaborative platform.

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Model by Max Panysh

Review in 3D

Centralized. Leave notes and paint-overs directly on the 3D model.

Efficient. No more sending screenshots back and forth.

Screenshot of the Clay app showing the 3D viewer with a paint-over on top of the 3D model.
Screenshot of the Clay app showing a modal to share the file with others.

Share with internal and external collaborators

Control. Give collaborators access to what they can see and what they can do.

Accessible. View 3D assets in the browser. No more waiting for downloads or heavy-weight 3D applications to load.

Organize all your visual assets

Seamless. Easily import and view previews of all your assets.

List and board. Keep track of your assets in either list or board view.

Screenshot of the Clay app showing the dashboard with previews of uploaded 3D models.

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